Posted: April 4th

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After I met you, I started dreaming in colors.
And that’s saying a lot for someone who’s only ever known what it feels like to live in the dark.
After I met you, nothing ever made any sense. I heard it’s a common symptom when your words get twisted & your mind goes blank.
After I met you, the world started looking like a pretty ugly place. But I guess that’s what I get for constantly comparing everything to you.

After I met you, butterflies felt like bumblebees.
After I met you, I could turn wood into ash with the flames burning inside of me. After you, every time I woke up to your backside, it was like Christmas morning. After you, it’s as if Cupid made himself at home right upon my shoulder.
After you, passion became an understatement.
After you, forever became a reality.
And after you, fear became a necessity.
Because after I met you, I then realized how easily I could lose you. And so I did what I thought anyone else would do.
I locked you up.

I locked you up in the prison of my heart, because I thought it would keep you safe. I locked you up in the permanence of my memory because, just like wine, age tends to make things a little hazier.
I locked you up in the silhouette of my arms, because God knows how shadows tend to make things disappear.
I locked you up in the harmony of my favorite song, because there is always a repeat button for that.
I breathed you in & then I locked you up in my lungs so I could exhale you in the darkest regions of the Earth, just so there would always be light in places that I’ve never been able to see before.
And before I let you go, I tried to lock you up in the horizon of my sunset. Because I just couldn’t bear to see my world go dark once again.

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Posted: April 4th
Posted: April 4th
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Posted: April 4th
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Posted: April 4th

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